About Me

Achievement Highlights

My coaching mantra is simple: “Ride strong, ride safe…”

My philosophy is to work with athletes to help them achieve their goal/s and have fun doing so.

You can achieve your goals faster, better, and easier by combining your experience, your fitness, your philosophy with my skills and expertise as an athlete and coach.
What do I bring to the table for my athletes?
1. My lifelong experience as an endurance cyclist, runner and triathlete.
2. Formal, continuing education in the science, the technology and the rewards of cycling.
3. A Ph.D. in chemistry, which I’ve applied to my understanding of biological functions, needs and abilities of the human body.
4. Everything I’ve learned from all the coaches I’ve had in my lifetime.

Successful triathlon and cycling is not just about fitness and increasing fitness. Nor is it just about Progressive Overload + Sufficient Recovery = Increased Fitness. Add science and using today’s technology we can develop data to measure your fitness, fatigue and freshness. It allows me, as a coach, to help you accurately taper for maximum performance in an event.

But fitness isn’t everything. To ride strong and to ride safely, there’s more involved. With a Bike Assessment we can determine your cycling skills (climbing, descending, cornering, U-turning, riding in a group), race strategies and motivation. Same with swimming and running assessments.

What’s an athletic achievement anyway?

Sometimes it’s just competing, trying to ride a PB, seeing how you stack up against other athletes your own age. And sometimes it’s going for the win. Personally I get great satisfaction from team events. Later in life it became more about comparing personal performance improvements – like shaving an hour off a mountain century. Below are some winning highlights and other achievements I attained, while working with coaches…

Winning Highlights

1966 Australian Junior Basketball Champions
1974/75 National UAU Basketball Champions (Leeds University)
2006 Tour of Cashiers Mountain TT (55-60 age group)
3-peat Tour de Kale summit finish (50-55 age) (2004, 2005, 2006)
2017 1st Ironman 70.3 North Carolina (65-69 age) 5hr 18min
2017 Qualified for 2018 Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Nelson Mandela Bay

Personal Achievements

I was always active in team sports with Basketball being my passion. I also played Australian Rules Football and Rugby Union.

After a couple of knee surgeries I transformed to “straight line sports.”  No twisting and turning in Triathlon or Cycling!

-Competed in 3 Australian Triathlon Championships (Half Ironman distance)
-Competed in 30 triathlon races overall
-Completed 5 Half-ironman’s in 2017 after 30 years cycling only…

-Raced with Southern Masters Cycle Club B/C grade in Road Races & Crits 1986 – 91

I came to the States in 1992 and started riding the Mountain Centuries. In trying to balance my passion for riding, with a demanding travel job and a young family, I brought in coaches. Time was of the essence to me and I now had a measure of progress. I’ve compiled some comparisons of performances before I engaged a coach and after…

Bridge to Bridge(102 mi, 10,000’) 2003: 6 hrs 36 min 2006: 5 hrs 28 min 2006-Finished 60 overall2004 40th overall, 3rd – 50+age group
Tour de Kale(60 miles, summit finish) 2003: 4th over 50 age group 2004, 2005, 2006: 1st each year in 0ver 50 age group 3-Peat
Mountain Centuries(approx. 10,000’ climbing) 2002, 2003 After 2004 Shaved 30-60 minutes off average finish
Mt Diablo Challenge (Calif) (11.2 mi mountain TT) 1000+ cyclists 2005 1hr 2 min 06sec2006 1hr 0min 47sec 2014 – 59 min 09sec. Won 60-69 age group and sub-1 hour!!!

My Favorite Mountain Rides

  1. Mt Diablo Challenge, California (11.2 mile mountain TT)
  2. Bridge to Bridge (Century)
  3. Roan Moan (Century)
  4. Three Mountain Metric (Metric)
  5. Mountains of Misery (Century)
  6. Blood, Sweat & Gears (Century)
  7. Blue Ridge Brutal (Century)
  8. Assault on Mt Mitchell (Century)
  9. Tour of Cashiers (Century)
  10. Assault on Carolinas (Metric)